Friday, September 26, 2014

Newfoundland Whale Watching

Tips for Whale Watching with Trinity Eco-Tours

Whale watching with us is a little bit different, but a whole lot better. Here are some pointers for you before we go on this wonderful experience together.

Don’t take motion sickness pills

If you’re prone to sea sickness and have to take Dramamine or other similar motion sickness pills, you can leave those at home for this trip.
We do not have the back and forth "swaying" as you would if you were in a sailboat, for example.

You will wear a full flotation suit

These suits are survival suits, designed to keep you warm and afloat if you happen to fall in the water. These suits will also keep you warm in the cooler weather. So, it’s a win-win situation! Contact Trinity Eco-Tours today to book your whale watching trip with us!

Contact Trinity Eco-Tours today to book your whale watching trip with us!  

Monday, September 15, 2014

3 Great Family Vacation Ideas

  1. Parasailing: Going parasailing is a fabulous adventure. Hooked into a harness and flown in the air like a kite, you get to see the world from a bird’s eye view.
  2. Cruise: Are you looking for an all-inclusive family vacation experience? Take your family on a cruise, packed with fun activities and sunny skies, to relax and let loose.
  3. Whale Watching: Are you a family of animal lovers? Go on a whale watching tour to see beautiful whales in their natural habitats.

Would you like to take your family whale watching? Trinity Eco-Tours offers fabulous whale watching tours, to give your family the experience of a lifetime. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Whales and Captivity: Like Oil and Water

Concrete tanks can never replace the ocean. Whales swim hundreds of miles per day in the wild and are highly intelligent animals. Even though captives are kept in an environment free of predators and pollution, they die young. Capture is brutal, families are separated and the animals have virtually no room to move, compared to what they need, deserve and would have in the wild.
Being trapped and deprived of essential nutrients, fresh water and everything natural, orcas live stressful lives and lash out against other orcas, humans and even hurt themselves. In nature however, despite sharing the ocean for just about forever, there has only been one reliable report of an orca harming a human being.
Captive whales suffer mentally and physically all their lives. At Trinity Eco-Tours, we support no captivity for marine mammals and hope you agree too.

3 Places to See Animals in the Wild

It’s thrilling to see species thriving amongst each other in their rightful ecosystem. Here are 3 ways you can see nature in action!

The Ballesta Islands: Just a few miles off the coast of Peru, these small islands boast of being home to over 20,000 birds of various species, including penguins!
Tide Pools: Found along most coast lines, this can be an easy and fascinating adventure that can take place in the span of a day!
Whale Watching: Where there are whales, there are guided tours such as those offered by Trinity Eco-Tours to get an up-close look at these majestic creatures in their natural state. 

3 Ways to Protect the Ocean and Its Wildlife

1.  Reduce Your Carbon Footprint:  The effects of climate change are not only threatening the livelihood of animals on land, they also threaten the life of those in the sea.  Being conscious of your resource consumption is not only important for you, but also for the ocean and its creatures.
2.  Conscious Consumption:  It is inevitable that some of our food and resources come from the ocean, but they do not have to be procured using unsustainable practices.  Educate yourself to avoid buying products that adversely affect marine life.
3.  Enjoy It Responsibly:  If you love the ocean, you probably like going to the beach and being out on the water.  When participating in such activities, clean up after yourself, and be sure not to introduce foreign substances or dangers to the habitat.

Want to get out to the ocean to enjoy all of its beautiful wonders?  Trinity Eco-Tours can introduce you to ocean wild life responsibly and respectfully.

Preparing for a Whale Watching Adventure:

Whale watching is an awesome sea adventure to take, here are some necessary preparations you must take before you head out on the ocean.

1. Bring a poncho or rain jacket that will protect you from the splashing water.

2. Bring a waterproof camera that you can hang from your neck, whales may only surface for a moment so you don’t want to be fiddling with your camera.

3. Choose the right people to take you out to sea.

You can choose the right people by going with Trinity Eco-Tours

Whales: Worth More Alive

Whales, one of the few water-based mammals, are majestic creatures. In fact, in 2013, economists reported on the whale-watching tourist enterprise as a thriving tourism market. Reports indicate that in 2009, 13 million tourists chose to visit whales in their natural habitats, which produced 2.1 billion dollars in revenue. While there are many laws in effect protecting whales against commercial hunting, these numbers have spawn arguments over erecting further protective legislation. Curious what all the fuss is about over these magical creatures? Trinity Eco Tours offers whale-watching experiences by boat or kayak designed to capture the magnificence of these water mammals, a perfect experience for the entire family.